• Texas has protections that may stop your eviction!

    The Fifty-Third Emergency Order (formerly known as the Texas Eviction Diversion Program) helps tenants who have been sued for eviction. To qualify, you MUST meet the following requirements:

    1. Your landlord applied for rent relief, OR

    2. Your landlord participates in your application for rent relief, OR

    3. Your landlord submits any information or documentation to receive payment as part of a rent relief program.


    Let the judge know if any of these things have happened. Bring any evidence with you to court. If you don't have evidence, a judge might accept a written declaration.


    Once the judge is aware that you qualify, the judge should pause your eviction case and immediately seal the case records. The landlord may reinstate the case within those 60 days if the rent assistance application is denied, canceled, or withdrawn. This protection lasts until September 1, 2022.


    If you qualify for the emergency order, you can also use the following forms to ask the court to pause your case. You MUST complete them and file them together: Motion to Abate and Order on Motion to Abate.


    If you have any questions or need more information, check out Texas Law Help. Even though Texas Rent Relief is closed to new applications, any pending rent relief can qualify. You can find more rental assistance options here.